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We provide a variety of services for our customers, including targeted surveys
as well as services customized to meet your needs.

  • Instagram - Information & Inspiration

    inform & analyse [ membership services ]

    Regularly updated, each report offers a detailed view of benchmark Asian cosmetics markets. Our customers are guaranteed of receiving the latest product and trends information so they can better understand the features and evolution of each market and stay ahead of their competitors and the paths of influence.

    What’s up

    Quarterly to bi-annual

    Regular trend reports on makeup all over Asia.

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    What’s up

    Quarterly to bi-annual

    Regular trend reports on skincare all over Asia.

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    What’s up

    Quarterly to bi-annual

    Regular trend reports on haircare all over Asia.

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    Throughout the year

    Inspiring review of the skincare & makeup market.

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    Monthly to bi-monthly

    At the earliest stage, decoding the most inspiring & innovative product launches and market news.

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  • Instagram - Information & Inspiration

    inspire & stimulate [ special theme-based annual/bi-annual reports ]

    Recurring or special cosmetics themes are the subject of special focus, as year-to-year launches, events and evolutions occurring in Asia are carefully followed up.
    Each report is updated to meet the special needs of customers, providing not only specialist knowledge of the sector but also a forecasting aspect tailored to their innovation objectives.


    China, Korea, Japan

    From the birthplace of whitening, how it is evolving over time.

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    China, Korea, Japan

    From anticipating anti-aging to early anti-aging, a full report on the evolutions.

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    Men’s Grooming

    China, Korea, Japan

    A full, yearly report on the men’s market in Asia. Trends, skincare, haircare, perfume…

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    Hygiene Focus

    All over Asia

    Market trends, category reviews, focus on products, a global report specific to hygiene.

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    National Specificities

    All over Asia

    Getting insights on regional characteristics. From sociological trends to upcoming local brands.

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  • Instagram - Information & Inspiration

    provide insights & boost [ one-time collaborations / consultations ]

    We offer our customers customized research, consultations and workshops to stimulate their creative and strategic thinking based on the wide-ranging Asian cosmetics offer.

    Forecasting or Inspirational reports

    Putting trends in perspective

    All special focuses, reports, inspiration briefs are on targeted themes chosen by you and are prepared for you only.

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    Retail tour, innovation tour, home visit

    City guides of the beauty “hot spots” in Asia, so you’ll know the must addresses and hip new spots when you travel to Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul …

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    Blogger network

    Get to know people who lead the trends

    Know and follow the activities of bloggers, vloggers and beauty influencers to boost your brand awareness.

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    Custom-made evaluation

    Assessing a range of products currently under development from the point of view of texture, color and scent. Assessed by our teams in France with a view to meeting Asian market expectations.


    Discovery of innovative texture

    A look at the hit & hot products through their various textures. This workshop offers a unique, inspirational take on Asian beauty to stimulate the creativity of your developments.

    Focus group/
    consumer meeting

    Consumers insights & intelligence

    Have a concept, texture and/or packaging tested by a local panel of your consumer target. Get a translated and analyzed report of the insights for a perfect evaluation of your developments.

Makeup in Paris 2017

We give more than 12 talks per year when we take part in the world’s largest trade shows:
In-Cosmetics, Cosmoprof, Makeup, Cosmetic 360 etc…
Come and see us at our next talk!

makeup in paris

Makeup in Paris

22 & 23 June 2017, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

June 22, 2017

Conference by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration

Conference by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration
Time' 4:00pm - 5:00pm Friday, June 23, 2017