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New product

December 2018

Silky Smooth Moki Mask

by Waso Shiseido

Freshly- made Mochi-like DIY mask relaxes your mind and skin while providing a warming feel.

When Instagram #slime with more than 10 millions followers inspire texture development


A DIY face mask to be made by blending powder and liquid in the provided cup, then  kneading and stretching them inside it, just like making Mochi (rice cake).

Like a freshly made mochi, it’s soft texture let users make their favorite shapes to be applied faces and achieve bright, smooth skin.

Keeps the skin warm, and leads to healthy-looking, glowing skin.

Citrus Unshiu GL (Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, Glycerin) hydrates the skin.

Makes the skin more receptive to the skincare products that are applied after.

A relaxing scent provides comfortable application feeling .

Feels gentle on the skin. Can be used by any skin types.

Paraben-free. Non-comedogenic. Allergy-tested.


Use it on dry  clean skin just after  face wash. Put the powder and liquid in the cup, then blend them rapidly with a wooden spatula for about 30 seconds.

Rapidly stretch and knead it about 10 times using both hands and divide it into 2 pieces while it is warm.

Place it on the cheek, spread it with one hand while holding it with the other hand, leave it on for about 5 minutes. When it cools down and becomes hard, gently peel off from top to bottom.

Launch: January 2019
Country: Japan
Price: 1080 JPY
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Cosmetic store, Online store

New product


Original Priming Water and Flawless Priming Water

by Studio Tropik
  • Priming Water is reinvented by young Indonesian brand Studio Tropik, who proposes 2 different Priming waters according to skin types : one for normal to dry skin, and the other for normal to oily skin.
  • Pushing further the boundaries of hybrid products, these water make-up bases are enhancing skin hydration :
  • Not only the make-up base allows to prep the skin for make-up, but it also brings different effects :
  • Original Priming Water is a sheer moisturizer, leaves the skin hydrated and ready for make-up with a soft matte finish.
  • Flawless Priming Water not only moisturizes the skin but brings a dewy effect for a healthy, moist complexion
Studio Tropik (3)

Launch: End of 2017
Country: Indonesia
Quantity: 150ml
Price: 99.000 IDR
Category: Skincare; Make up
Distribution: Online store

New product



New direction of hybrid care


Tinted serums for targeted care.

  • Blue Treatment for silky-smooth skin.  It evens out skin texture to create silky-smooth skin. Subtly viscous “Silicone Complex” and ball-shaped powder fill in pores and any textural unevenness to smooth out the skin’s surface, providing the light reflecting effect to achieve  a high-quality glow on the skin. Suitable for anti-sebum care.
  • Red Treatment for plumped, firm skin. It provides the highest level of hydration (in the history of Paul & Joe Beauté) to create plumped, firm skin. It delivers moisturizing ingredients such as Cholesterol derivatives to every inch of the skin to fully hydrate and firm the skin. Suitable for both hydrating and anti-aging care.
  • Black Treatment for a sharp, redefined look. Lifting Complex forms a solid film on skin surface to firm and tighten the skin. Fresh gel containing Cooling ingredient leaves the skin feeling refreshed.  Suitable for firming care
paul & Joe

Launch: 10/2018
Country: Japan
Quantity: 15ml
Price: 4320JPY
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Department stores

Colored skincare

Tinted serum

New product

September 2018



A milky lotion with a fabulous milky texture makes your skin appear brighter and smoother.

When applied its texture bursts hydration on the skin to keep it moisturized.

Its non-sticky texture is quickly absorbed into the skin to leave for a  smooth and plumped effect.

Containing Elastomer Gel and a unique powder it helps smooth out the skin texture while providing a natural glow.

milk 3ce

This versatile lotion can be applied to wherever your skin needs a tone-up effect.

Launch: September 2018
Country: Korea
Quantity: 150g
Price: 38000KRW (EUR 30)
Category: Skincare
Distribution: Brand store, Online store

Tone-up, milk, lotion, skincare, white

New product




A toner-like sun water with high UV protection that can be adapted to 7 skin layering methods.

‒It can be applied with cotton pad like applying a toner.

‒If using 7-toner-layering method,  use this sun water at the last step of layering (layering 6 times with toner + layering 1 time with sun water)

‒Or to be applied at the step of sun care after daily basic care

This watery sunblock creating “Zero gram”, weightless yet effective UV protecting barrier on the skin.

Airy Prime-Barrier: its liquid texture is rapidly absorbed  into the skin and creates an even and thin barrier on skin surface without any sticky feeling.

It instantly recharges moisture to boost skin before wearing makeup.

Containing Zero-Sebum Pink Powder (Calamine), it soothes irritated skin caused by UV rays and regulates oil production to prevent the skin from being too greasy.

airy water sun

Launch: April 2018
Country: Korea
Quantity: 100ml
Price: 14800KRW
Category: Sun care
Distribution: Brand store, Online

Sun care, water, layering

New product

MAY 2018


Innovative technology, the beautiful pattern can never be ruined.


According to Pola’s research, beautiful skin is not completely even-toned, but it is rather colorful (moderately uneven-toned).
Diem Couleur Color Blend Foundation was developed with a focus on pointillist painting effect and color stereoscopic effect to create “skin tone that makes bare skin look beautiful.”
Pola adopted a new technology called “Color Blend Trick Formula” for the first time in the industry. The 4 colors, which are the combination of 2 advancing colors (playful pink, warm yellow) and 2 receding colors (pure blue, prim green), create a series of dots on the skin like a pointillism piece, giving skin unique three-dimensionality and translucency to make it look beautiful.
This foundation is formulated with beauty ingredients (Coptis Japonica Rhizome Extract, Heavenly Soft Oil, Arnica Montana Extract.)
Available in 4 shades.
Diem Couleur Primer L, which enhances Color Blend Foundation’s finish, is going to be launched at the same time.
“Diem Couleur” is a new base makeup brand designed for positive and trend-conscious “self-producer” women in their late 20’s and 30’s.
“Diem Couleur” is a combined word of “ Diem (for each day) and “couleur (color) ” which means “enjoy the present moment by experiencing “colour”.
This brand aims to help women to awaken their playful femininity by experiencing varied colors and to enrich their lives.


Well mixing the powder and applying on facial skin to have even glow bright skin tone.

The beautiful pattern can never be ruined. In order to get back the initial new look, just by wiping off the top layer of power.

Launch: 03/2018
Country: Japan
Price: 7020 JPY
Category: Base Makeup
Distribution: Department stores, Brand shops, Online

Face powder
New technology


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